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Create a decentralized eWallet Now

Great you found the page! Cum let's create an eWallet so you start and have virtual fun with any model you wish! 

Create An eWallet

Step 1

Open a new tab and enter in your URL, and install the chrome extension.

Step 2


Great you followed step 1, now let's create a wallet... (the right button) unless you already have an eWallet. First, click the "Create a Wallet" button Afterward, you will be asked to create a password for your account.

It is best to create strong passwords that other people can’t easily guess such as your birthday. Thus, a secure password should contain numbers and letters arranged uniquely.

You will then be provided with a unique 12-word backup phrase for backing up your wallet.

It is advisable to write down the backup phrase on a piece of paper and save the document in a place where you can’t lose it.

Step 3


Awesome we're almost there! Next, you will be asked to confirm your secret backup phrase. Once you do that, your account is set and ready to use.


Congratulations! you’ve correctly set up your MetaMask account!

Deposit Funds

Convert Your Cash To Crypto

Step 1


Click on the MetaMask browser extension i.e. the fox logo on your browser, then click on the “Deposit” button on the pop-up window.

NOTE: you can also have a better view of your account by clicking “…” on the pop-up window and “Expand view”.

Step 2


Several options would pop up, for example, you can directly deposit ETH or other tokens, or buy various cryptocurrencies directly through third-party partners such as Wyre, Transak or MoonPay

Step 3

Choose your preferred method for depositing ETH to your Metamask wallet.

For this tutorial, we will walk you through how to directly deposit Ethereum from your other accounts.


Start by clicking “View Account” next to the option “Directly Deposit Ether” to display your deposit address.

Step 4


You can tell this is an ETH address since the address starts with “0x”.

You can directly deposit ETH from another wallet to your MetaMask wallet by either: (i) scanning the QR code; or (ii) copying the “0x” address onto the “send” address on the wallet you are sending ETH from.

You can check if you’ve received the ETH and your balance by clicking the fox logo on your web browser.

Awesome, Now Let's Have Fun!

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Coins We Accept

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