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Terms And Conditions

Effective Date: October 2, 2022

Last Modified: October 7, 2022

User Agreement


When you accept the terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy for Luv Lounge ("us", "we", or "our") you comply and acknowledge all of the terms and conditions of this User Agreement (the “Agreement”). This Agreement establishes the entire agreement between us and you, the user, with regard to your use of the interactive, scheduling website (the “Website”) which will direct you to our platform (the "Platform") available through this site. In order to enter our site and forum, you the user must stand by all of the terms and conditions in this agreement. Be advised and carefully follow through with the terms and conditions in this agreement, as mentioned in this form this states the agreement between us ("us", or "we") and you ("you", "user", or "user's"). For any matter, you have the intention to NOT comply with our terms and conditions please reframe from entering our website and platform as you the user are NOT agreeing to establish an agreement with this form.



By entering the website you give your consent to and accept the following:

  • Age Requirement - We have positioned this label at the entrance of the website. This is our first priority that is enforced highly. The website is only open to consenting adults. We have zero tolerance for any minors on the website. We have zero tolerance for any image of any minor being uploaded to our platform for any reason. If assumed that a minor is on the website we will immediately block all access from the website, and provide all information gathered and use of the website to law enforcement. 

  • Our Website - is an online adult booking and advanced booking website (including nude sexual content) that leads to a separate platform. Access by minors is highly prohibited. Any access to by such persons will be their sole responsibility. The Website morally provides scheduled booking capabilities. In order to comply with safety and legality rules, we only accept cryptocurrencies as payment for each session. Models over the age of 18 have the right to choose whether they would like to accept a booking or decline it. Active site users may not promote or advertise any entity, product, service, or website that delivers live-streaming content through

  • Innovations constructed to the website/platform - The website (the "Website") and platform (the "Platform") will continuously innovate, as will our terms and conditions. Please be advised, you (also referred to as the "User" or "Users") agree to our terms and conditions and will comply with annually, or quarterly revisions to the altered terms and conditions.

  • Our Platform - Our platform (the "Platform") is operated elsewhere from our website, as mentioned previously our website is primarily for you, the user to book a session in advance or the day of. Without purchasing such credentials accessing the platform does NOT contain any nudity or sexual content. Although after such credentials have been purchased via cryptocurrency for access to our platform, such nudity and adult content WILL be displayed. The platform acts as a personal and private one-to-one online session, that is secured. The platform allows you to have such experiences for the duration of time you have purchased. Any misuse or illegal actions taken on the platform is prohibited, the platform is not a dating application or "meet-up" arrangement application. The platform is merely for adults to revel in such entertainment.

  • Comprehension - Please be advised, you (also referred to as the "User" or "Users") agree to our terms and conditions and will apply action to avoid any misuse on our website and platform. You the user are responsibly subjected to keep a friendly manner while using our website and platform. We are NOT responsible for any intentional, or incidental, misuse of actions against the website or platform. We are NOT responsible for any loss of data, or damages that would result in any viruses or destructive software by you the user, or any other user of the platform.

  • Performer - All performers (the "Performer" or "Performers" also referred to as "Model" or Models") have consented to all actions performed on the Platform via contract. In order to become a model, you must agree via contract. Once our terms are read a potential performer may contact us for further inquiries. 

Our Code of Conduct - In order to continue using the Website and the Platform we must ensure the following code of conduct is operating:

  1. Minor Tolerance: As mentioned in the Agreement we highly enforce that we have no tolerance for minors entering the Website and the Platform. We have a Zero-Tolerance policy with NO EXCEPTIONS applied. That goes for users or the user sharing child pornography i.e; videos/photos, or experiences regardless if it's non-pornographic. If we have reason to believe you have breached this agreement we will take action and hand your information to such authorities.

  2. Responsibilities: As mentioned previously you are accepting and solely responsible for actions on your (the "User") end. 

  3. Access: You will reframe from using the Website and the Platform to promote or share any illegal or dangerous activity. i.e; applying physical pain, erotic asphyxiation, rape, any scene of blood, or any harassing intentions. You (the "User") shall not forward any letters, advertisements, spam, or any commercial message through the Platform or the Website. You (the "User") will NOT appear intoxicated on camera, consume alcoholic beverages, or take any substance that would alter your current behavior.


  • Personal Information - While using the Platform we do not take any responsibility for such actions that could lead to misuse. We highly recommend that you the user use an alias not associated or connected with your personal social media accounts. Expanding on the fact of personal information; emails, and home/personal/business phone numbers, can lead to identifying your identity.

Information used by us (As stated in our Privacy Policy we will NOT sell or resell any information given to the user to a third party). By using our Platform and Website you stand by the truth of the following:


  1. You (the "User") understand that the Website and the Platform both contain explicit adult content via imagines/video. You understand such content will be displayed and you the user wish to proceed with accessing our Platform and Website.

  2. You (the "User") are familiar with the current laws. You the user will not misuse the Website or Platform in any unlawful way.

  3. You (the "User") understand that the content broadcasted on the Platform is hosted on our servers.

  4. You (the "User") understand that we created this Website and Platform, and we do NOT enforce you the user to broadcast in any nature.

Wavier Of Claims

  • You (the "User") understand that you can NOT bring legal action against us or any of our employees for any destruction of any matter.


  • You (the "User") understand that any information on the Website and Platform is our proprietary, and you the user agree not to modify, misuse, copy, or forward such information, unless you have been granted access by the owner. After you, the user has been granted access to the Platform or Website you can NOT share or publish any explicit content or images placed on the Website or Platform.


  • As stated and clearly shown, we have chosen to divert ourselves from other competitors. Hence why we do NOT require you to create an account via the Website or the Platform. All information entered on the Website or the Platform is cleared after use.

Payment Source

(We Do Not Offer Recurring Payments)

  • You (the "User") can purchase a session in advance or on the day you the user are using the Website via cryptocurrency. If you the user do not hold any of the accepted cryptocurrencies we offer our payment source offers you the user to purchase the amount needed through Credit and Debit cards. Once you have purchased the number of cryptocurrencies needed you can use the purchased currency and successfully book a session with any preferred Performer (the "Performer" also referred to as "Model"). If we have reason to believe that you the user have committed fraud, you will be held responsible and liable to us for the return of such currency(s), and with such collection efforts including all fees, costs, and attorney fees, we will also further result into contacting legal authorities in the retrieval of such currency(s)


  • You agree to compensate our directors, and employees, for any damages resulting in your misuse of the Platform or the Website. You the user are responsible for any and all legal fees that will be applied after such damages occur from your misuse of the Platform or the Website as well as if there is a breach of the Agreement by you and certain charges are applied by third parties. You must cooperate with us as fully as required for any claim occurring by you.


  • You the user understand the Website and the Platform is solely in their present condition, and you understand that the use of the Platform and the Website is at your own risk.

Joint Agreement

  • By agreeing to enter the Platform and the Website you acknowledge and fully read the terms and conditions, and are bounded hereof.


  • As mentioned previously in this Agreement we do not offer any memberships or accounts related to this Website and the Platform, hence why there isn't a termination factor applied by the user. 

  • As for the Performer, mentioned in our binding contract, you have the right to decline any booking session as you wish. If you have reason to believe the user will reveal unlawful activities or for personal preference. 

    • During a booked session if the user reveals or presents any unlawful matter the performer has the right to terminate the session, the user will NOT be refunded for such currency(s). After such termination has taken place we will further take action and contact the authorities and hand over any information against the user.

    • If a performer declines a session after the session has been purchased or doesn't appear on the platform after one minute (due to connection reasons) such currency(s) WILL be refunded back to the user.

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